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Things to Remember

My littlest guy. He’s one of the most affectionate, sweetest, feistiest, funniest kids I know. And one thing I know about kids is that they change in the blink of an eye.


Here are some things I want to remember:

  • The way you insisted on calling a preschool teacher Miss Elf instead of Miss L. In fact, you are quite insistent about a lot of things, such as calling one of your favorite books, Hey, Al, Hey, Owl. When I try to correct you, you tell me that it is clearly Hey, Owl, not Hey, Al, because there are birds in this book. Hey, Owl obviously makes more sense.
  • The way you scratch your mosquito bites incessantly so that they never have a chance to heal.
  • The way you love to snuggle. Except you call it Nuggle and are quite aggressive about it. If you find me still in bed in the morning when you wake up, you will charge at me saying “NUGGLE!”
  • Most of your k sounds come out like t. It will be a sad day when you stop saying otay.
  • The way you won’t take any crap anymore from your older siblings. You won’t hesitate to hurl something at them if you feel your rights are being violated. I’m not saying I approve of this behavior, but I do think it is notable.
  • The way your big sister is your almost constant playmate. Lately, much of your play has revolved around your stuffed bears, Lulu and Isis. (Lulu is a boy, by the way.) Those lucky bears do all kinds of things–they go on trips, put on plays, go camping, and eat at restaurants. The two of you have created elaborate imaginary worlds together.
  • You have quite an affection for processed meats. You have turkey maple breakfast sausage almost every morning. In fact, you have encountered few sausages or hot dogs that you didn’t approve of. Months after our New York trip last spring, you were still talking about that great hot dog you had. Many, many years ago I had a crazy colorful boss who described another employee as “the steak eating-est guy around.” Well, you are my sausage eating-est guy. You even told us your “sausage alarm” was going off when entering a barbeque restaurant.

I love you, little one. You may be small, but you are mighty.


  1. Rock on little guy. Rock on.

  2. SAUSAGE ALARM. That is excellent.

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