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The Rest of the Story

When my daughter was born just over 7 years ago, the very first thing I said was that I couldn’t believe that I had just given birth to someone with THOSE toes. She looked like she could use them to climb a tree.


See what I mean? I don’t remember who took this photo, but I am sure that I demanded it be taken to document the toes. They were half the length of her foot. Then the nurse said, “She’s beautiful” while eyeing the baby protectively and me suspiciously. Of course I thought she was beautiful. Since when does toe length preclude beauty anyway?

The body hair was a little more disconcerting. She was born with tufts of dark hair sprouting from her earlobes and along her back. The doctor reassured us that that is not uncommon and the hair would fall out soon.

I have a memory–although I’m not sure if it’s real or imagined–of Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story about Elizabeth Taylor. It begins by telling us about a furry baby and then the rest of the story tell us that the baby grew up to be Elizabeth Taylor. For the first few weeks post-partum, I would repeat to myself, “And that furry baby grew up to be Elizabeth Taylor!” My husband thinks this probably was not a real episode but something I heard on the Simpsons. Could be. A quick Internet search did not find this episode, but it did find several other bloggers with the same memory. Very curious.

I am glad to tell you that the excess hair did fall off. My baby girl turned seven a few weeks ago and we had a small animal petting zoo for her party. The baby ducks were so precious. The little beaks just kill me with their wee adorableness. But those baby ducks were runners. The bunnies and guinea pigs were content to sit on laps, but the ducks made a run for it every time. This was challenging for the children, who tried to find the delicate balance between cuddling them and squashing them. Come to think of it, I try to find that balance every day, too.


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  1. A nurse said the same thing to me when I first saw my girl (who was more round, then long and would. not. stop. screaming)- how beautiful. I couldn’t see it. I sure see it in your girl though. So lovely, so beautiful.

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