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Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot


I added Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot to the website Atlas Obscura. You can read my contribution here. We visited this place during our trip to Tasmania in January.

If you don’t know the site Atlas Obscura, it’s a collection of quirky and offbeat places that allows users to contribute new locations.

Anyway, a few days after the Tasmazia post was published, someone added Ms. Pearl the Squirrel. Those of you in Texas may recognize her. (Note: I initially typed”Miss Pearl” then had to correct myself. A squirrel’s marital status is none of our business.)

Now I find myself in the unusual position of envying a squirrel’s internet popularity. Check out those Facebook likes. Tasmazia has a little over 200. Not bad until you notice that Ms. Squirrel has over 19,000.

I think I am part of a very small segment of the world’s population that has experienced the wonders of both Ms. Pearl the Squirrel and Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot.


Therefore, think I  am uniquely qualified to have an opinion on the matter. And in my opinion, there is more fun to be had in Tasmazia.

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  1. Tazmasia is now up to 249…watch out Ms. Squirrel!
    Your posts always make me laugh and be have such a gift for creative, humorous writing.
    Miss you all!

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