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Signs of Tasmania

Summer is definitely over here in Sydney. The weather has been really rainy, which I understand is typical of this time of year here. There is rain forecast for every day of the next 10 days.

This will be my first fall in about a year and a half. We missed autumn in 2016. Because of the time we moved, in 2016 we experienced winter, spring and summer in Texas, then winter, spring and summer  in Australia. I still haven’t figured out how to cook and decorate for holidays in opposite seasons. Christmas was during the summer, so rich, traditional holiday foods didn’t seem right. And what about an autumnal Easter? Do I get out the pumpkins and decorative gourds?

As I think I’ve mentioned before, we visited Tasmania over the summer break in January. We loved it; it was such a beautiful, fun, and interesting place. I was hoping to see the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) but no such luck. The bioluminescent alge that reportedly washed up on their shores recently sounds amazing too.

I wasn’t expecting an education about Antarctic exploring in Tasmania, but that’s exactly what we found. Hobart, which served as a launch pad for Antarctic explorers, built the Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum in the center of town. Several of the other museums we visited also highlighted Australia’s Antarctic explorers.

My formal education was severely lacking when it came to geography. In fact, I don’t remember ever learning geography as a distinct subject. And yet, we spent an entire year in 7th grade studying Texas history. I can say with confidence, that I never learned about the geography of Antarctica. So, the territorial claims in Antarctica were news to me. And Australia claimed themselves a great big slice of the Antarctic pie.

Map of Antarctica indicating Australian territorial claim (red area). Image source.

Anyway, for some reason Tassie seems to have an abundance of entertaining signs, so I wanted to share some with you. But first, I had a poll on my last post and some of you voted. Thank you! Unfortunately, the votes are evenly split at the moment. I would love it if one more person would respond and break the tie. Please? And thank you!

Signs of Tasmania

This car-flipping kangaroo warning was omnipresent.


One should never provoke a homicidal plumber.

Don’t touch! Dry paint. Er, do touch?


“Excuse me? Do you have anything besides bears?”


Bear Cottage. Not just bears.

I will just leave this one here without comment.


Don’t do whatever it is that she’s doing.


This one is not funny, but still kind of awesome.


Oh, the Tasmanian tiger. If cryptozoology were a more viable career option, that’s where you would find me.


Mole Creek has magic above and below

And finally, one breakfast burrito filling you will not find in Texas? Wallaby.



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