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Feeding My Fascination

Lately, I’ve developed a bit of a fascination with J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. I read Peter Pan aloud to my daughter a few months ago and it sent my mind racing in different directions, sparked by its ideas of motherhood, time, and aging. At the end of the book, when Peter returns to visit Wendy, then Wendy’s daughter, then Wendy’s daughter’s daughter, I found myself sobbing. (It’s not entirely uncommon for me to be moved to tears by children’s books. I have never been able to finish Knuffle Bunny Free without choking up.)

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Favorite Sounds and Sights

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Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot


I added Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot to the website Atlas Obscura. You can read my contribution here. We visited this place during our trip to Tasmania in January.

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