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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

6:20 Alarm goes off. Spend a few minutes in bed listening to radio.

6:25-6:45 Shower and dress

6:45 Get kids to breakfast. Boys were already awake.  Have unsettling argument with 9-year-old regarding toast, eye-rolling, and bad attitudes.

7:15 Running late. Throw a handful of almonds and some Cheerios in a bag for my breakfast. Hussle kids to car. Shout: Brush your teeth! Brush your hair! Lunches! Backpacks! Shoes! Go, go, go!

7:45 Drop off 6-year-old with seconds to spare.

7:45-8:05 Drive to 9-year-old’s school and drop him off.

8:05-8:25 Sit in traffic.

8:30 Visit pediatrician’s office. (Backstory: 3 year-old’s school has been in session for over 2 weeks. Prior to start of school had an email exchange in which I was told that they had all the necessary paperwork, so no need to worry. Flash forward to last Thursday: Worry! Missing paperwork. Must have statement of wellness from doctor right away, so I hand-delivered form to doctor’s office. Received a call the next day that form was ready for pick up.) Back to present: Doctor’s office staff person can’t find form. Me: But you called and said it was ready. Her: Don’t see it here. Me: But you called and said it was ready. Her: Blank stare. Blink. Blink. She finally suggests having doctor sign a generic statement of wellness form. Wait for doctor to sign form.

9:30 Deliver 3-year-old and the necessary paperwork to his preschool. Can’t find his water bottle. Return to car to look for it. Still can’t find it. Hope that teachers have the good sense to give him a cup. Drive to meeting.

10:00-11:00 Attend meeting.

11:20-1:30. Work from home. Unload dishwasher. Chop and steam broccoli for dinner. Eat some lunch. Work some more.

1:30 Pick up 3-year-old from preschool. Look, it’s the water bottle! It was here all along. It’s a Tuesday miracle! Read incident report in his bag explaining the fresh bruise on his cheek. Something about launching face-first onto the pea gravel.

1:45 Take 3-year-old to children’s hair salon so he can have his hair cut while sitting on a motorcycle. Try to convince his that driving said motorcycle like a bat out of hell is inadvisable when there are scissors near his head.

2:20-2:50 Wait in car pick up line for 6-year-old. 3-year-old insists on listening to a Magic Tree House audiobook  for the 100th time.

3:00 Decide to indulge in a trip to Starbucks. Coffee for me, hot chocolate for the kids. (They don’t care that it is 95 degrees outside.) Urge them to be careful and not spill.

3:10 6-year-old spills hot chocolate on self and car. Then cries about how she didn’t get to finish it.

3:15-3:35 Wait in car pick up line for 9-year-old. Attempt to clean up spill. Return work emails on my phone. 3-year-old and 6-year-old argue about what to listen to: Ramona’s World (her) or Magic Tree House (him, again).

4:00 Take kids to a different branch of the pediatrician’s office. All three get flumist. Attenuated, live viruses all around! Younger two cry.

4:30 Arrive at home. Unload dishwasher. Check email again. 6 and 9-year-olds start homework.

5:00 Make broccoli-cheese quiche. Photograph pumpkin bars made a couple days ago in preparation for this year’s pumpkin week. (Yay!) Microwave Ikea meatballs for kids. They love them and don’t seem to mind the possible horse meat. Or probably don’t know. Start a load of laundry. Help 6-year-old glue pictures on a poster. Remind 9-year-old for umpteenth time to do math homework in pencil, not pen. Make kids’ lunches for tomorrow. Pack snacks.

6:30 Kids start eating dinner.

6:40 Husband gets home.

7:00 Try to get kids bathed, teeth brushed and into pajamas.

7:20 Read with 6-year-old while husband put boys to bed. Fun fact: It takes as long to get her to go to bed as her brothers combined.  She wants her new shirt washed for picture day tomorrow. Listen to her complain about her art teacher for a while. Try to use reflective listening skills. Seems to work.

7:50 Leave 6-year-old’s room. Start a load of laundry that includes her shirt. Write checks for kids’ field trip fees and after school activities. Check email again.

8:40-9:40 Watch an episode of The Newsroom. Remember to hang up 6-year-old’s picture day shirt. Read.

10:30 Can’t sleep. Surf the Internet. Do some work.

12:30 Still awake. Write blog post. Need to unwind and go back to bed. Think about making peanut butter cookies. Almost out of peanut butter. Add peanut butter to shopping list. Realize that tomorrow is going to arrive early and start all over. Set alarm for 6:20.


  1. Oh goodness. The. Schedule. The never ending, mind numbing, crush your soul schedule. If it weren’t for the hugs, it wouldn’t be worth it. Thank goodness for the hugs! And friends to share it with. That helps so very much.

  2. Note to self: Maybe having only one kid is good after all. 🙂

  3. Deja Vu! This used to be my life except for husband getting home at 6:40!
    Those were the good old days!

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