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Gingerbread Pancakes with Roasted Bananas

Did you know that tomorrow, March 4, is National Pancake Day? Who knew? Would you believe that I started this post before I even knew such a thing existed? That, my friends, is what they call timing. Okay, let’s face it. Any day is a good day for pancakes. We don’t need a national holiday for that.

The kids have been listening to audiobooks of the Animal Rescue Team series lately. I think it’s pretty good, but mostly it’s a welcome reprieve from the Magical Tree House audiobooks that have been on near constant rotation lately. The 4-year-old is particularly obsessed with these books. After hearing Mary Pope Osborne scat singing as a young Louis Armstrong in A Good Night for Ghosts…well, you can’t unhear that. I know that those books have educational elements, but I can’t help to think that jam sessions with the ghosts of Jean Lafitte and his pirate crew might be a tad confusing for a 4-year-old and possibly lacking in historical accuracy.

Anyway, I counted three dishes mentioned in the Animal Rescue Team audiobooks–ginger cake with roasted bananas, red pepper soup, and corn porridge. After hearing about it for the sixth or seventh time, I made my way to the kitchen to try my own version of the ginger cake with roasted bananas. I may have to find a good red pepper soup recipe, too. As for the corn porridge…meh.

Ginger is not my favorite flavor. However, when followed by the words “cake” or “bread” it will do quite nicely.

I roasted the bananas at 375 degrees for 15 minutes until they were dark and oozy like this, except maybe less blurry.


The roasted bananas paired quite well with the gingerbread pancakes. I did not make the optional orange blossom maple syrup with this recipe, but I probably would have felt really fancy if I had.


However, my kids would still prefer plain of buttermilk any day. These kids–they are not the most adventurous eaters.

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  1. I KNEW I KNEW! It’s on my calendar.

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