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Fire Up the Barbie


Today I picked up a free, promotional magazine from an Australian supermarket chain. I was intrigued by the subheading: 85 fun things to throw on the barbie (#UpYourFlameGame.) Sounds good, yes? But wait! Before you start throwing things you should know that this might have been a little… ambitious. In fact, 85 maybe have been approximately 77 things too many.

First of all, do you have beer cans? It’s a barbecue. Of course you do. Let’s see, how can we combine beer cans and barbecues?

What you see here is exactly what it looks like. A beer can shoved into the backside of a cabbage.


We are informed that the same technique may be used with chicken. Voila! Beer-can chicken. Sadly, no pictures. Note the encouraging “Yes You Can!” message on the side. For those thinking, “I couldn’t possibly do that with a cabbage and a beer can!” Yes You Can!

Do you know what else you can do with beer cans? Smoosh them into your meat to make beer-can burgers. In case you were wondering how on earth you could make beer-can sized indentations in your patties. Ready? Go!


Speaking of burgers, the old meat and bun thing is old news. Why not make them far more labor-intensive by creating ramen-bunned burgers? With a little extra effort, you can pretend your noodles are bread. This makes it a “Japanese Mash-Up.” Which is fun.


In conclusion, I will not be upping my flame game at this time. Unless circumstances change, my flame game will remain in its original, downward facing position.

* Let me know if you want the recipes! I’ll send them to you.

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  1. Beer. Who knew? I didn’t know.

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