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Favorite Sounds and Sights

Without a doubt, my favorite sound in Australia is the sound of the kookaburras. It makes me happy every time I hear them. I love the way they ramp up. It always seems to start with one bird, then a gang of others join in excitedly. It sounds like they’re sharing a private joke.

Also without a doubt, my favorite sight is that of the ocean. I have never lived so close to the sea, and I find that looking at it can be almost addictive. There is something special about the light here (aside from the fact that it wants to fry us to a crisp). I love the way the light changes—sometimes it sparkles and shines and the ocean is turquoise. Other times it’s a smooth and silky molten silver. Sometimes the sea and sky blend seamlessly, and at other times the horizon cuts them in two. It makes me wish I were a painter, so I could capture the way the light changes and shifts, and the colors move through the sky and waves.






Manly beach


  1. Your writing makes me feel like I am right there experiencing it with you. Thank you!

  2. It looks so lovely. I think I would stare at it everyday.

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