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Young and Brave

Here’s an image of my brave girl for her to put in her room.

leap copy

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Halloween in Australia

Halloween is really not a big deal in Australia. There were some costumes, decorations, and candy in the stores, but the Halloween section was already being dwarfed by Christmas by mid October.

Australian adults did not grow up trick-or-treating, so while it is beginning to catch on with the kids, it’s definitely new to the parents. You get the impression that they don’t quite understand this strange custom, but it seems fun and so they’re trying it out.

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Arriving and Uluru

Everything about this experience so far has made me feel slightly off-kilter. I think it has something to do with the fact that most things feel so familiar but completely unfamiliar at the same time. It feels a little like being in a parallel universe and things are a bit topsy-turvy.  Things seem normal, but at the same time, reversed and with the occasional bizarre and unexpected twists. It makes everything feel a little surreal.

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