You might be wondering about the title of the blog. The phrase “musical soup eaters” is from the book The Wedding Procession of the Rag Doll and the Broom Handle and Who Was in It by Carl Sandburg. The text was originally published in 1922, but I had this version with the very groovy illustrations.


It was a childhood favorite of mine. It’s poetic and also really strange. But in a good way. You see, the wedding of the Rag Doll to the Broom Handle attracted a ragtag crew of characters: the Spoon Lickers, the Tin Pan Bangers, the Chocolate Chins, the Dirty Bibs, the Clean Ears, the Easy Ticklers, and the Chubby Chubs. The Musical Soup Eaters provided the music:

The music was furnished mostly by the Musical Soup Eaters. They marched with big bowls of soup in front of them and big spoons for eating the soup. They whistled and chuzzled and snozzled the soup, and the noise they made could be heard far up at the head of the procession where the Spoon Lickers were marching. So they dipped their soup and looked around and dipped their soup again.