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A Pocket Person’s Guide to Air Travel

Guest Post by Musical Soup Preschooler

When you are 4 years old, traveling by plane can be a delightful experience as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. If you play your cards right, air travel can be a magical time in which videos, snacks and juice flow with abundance.

1. Do not trust your mother to pack for you. Feel free to remove what she has packed and assemble your own items. It is unlikely that you will agree with what she packs for you. With any luck, a giant bottle of bubbles can stow away in your carry on bag.


2. If you have a summer fun pass ID available, feel free to show it to the people in the security line. If the grown up people need to show their IDs, you probably should too.


3. On the plane, request, nay, demand a seat by the window. I have found that grown-up people are particularly compliant when loud voices are used in confined spaces.

4. It is also important to be situated near your mother. She is most likely to have the snacks. See #3 also about the loud voices. If you sit with Dad, you are more likely to be fed sugarless gum or breath mints, both of which will suffice in a pinch.

5. Costumes and accessories help pass the time at the airport. Here, I demonstrate this principle using orange fangs.


Do you know of a time not improved by orange fangs? I think not.

6. If you are lucky, your flight will include a screaming baby. They will be far louder than your protestations for a window seat or Mom and you will look like a star in comparison.

Happy travels, my friends.

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  1. Ah yes, “request, nay, demand” is the name of the game. I, a person who has never braved air travel with my children, found this delightful.

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