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A Sunny Winter’s Day in June


In the three months since I last posted, life has been moving along happily. The kids are all so much happier this year than they were last year. It’s winter here now, and the opposite seasons are still so strange for me. I can’t quite get used to thinking of June, July and August as winter. We’re about to begin another term break and July 5 will mark one year since we arrived in Australia.

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Quarantine Beach Party

Perched at the north entrance of Sydney’s harbor sits Quarantine Station. For more than 150 years, she tried to contain the infectious illnesses of the outside world.¬† Spanish Influenza, smallpox, and the bubonic plague were among the contagions that the Quarantine Station held back, to protect the people of Sydney.

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Signs of Tasmania

Summer is definitely over here in Sydney. The weather has been really rainy, which I understand is typical of this time of year here. There is rain forecast for every day of the next 10 days.

This will be my first fall in about a year and a half. We missed autumn in 2016. Because of the time we moved, in 2016 we experienced winter, spring and summer in Texas, then winter, spring and summer¬† in Australia. I still haven’t figured out how to cook and decorate for holidays in opposite seasons. Christmas was during the summer, so rich, traditional holiday foods didn’t seem right. And what about an autumnal Easter? Do I get out the pumpkins and decorative gourds?

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